The Experienced Estate Planning And Probate Representation You Deserve

Compassionate And Effective Probate Representation

While grieving the loss of a parent, spouse or other loved one, the last thing you might be thinking of is settling the deceased’s estate. But the probate process cannot be ignored, especially if you have been named the executor.

Dealing with wills and trusts can be very difficult so soon after a death, but you do not have to face this responsibility alone. Attorney William G. Witcher of The Witcher Law Firm has practiced estate administration law for more than 50 years and is one of the leaders of Georgia’s estate law community. He has guided thousands of executors and other parties through probate with compassion, dependable advice and firm representation.

Help With Executing The Estate

The executor’s job is to bring the deceased’s estate through probate court. They must collect any outstanding assets, pay off the deceased’s debts and distribute the remainder to the deceased’s heirs according to the terms of the will. As the executor, Georgia law allows you to hire an attorney to represent you. As your lawyer, William Witcher will handle the necessary paperwork and filings. He will minimize delays and help you complete the job as quickly as possible.

Protecting Your Interests In Litigation

Though conflicts over the will or trust are uncommon, they do happen, especially if there are questions about the validity of the will or the performance of the executor or trust administrator. Mr. Witcher represents executors, heirs, beneficiaries and other parties in estate litigation. He will firmly defend your rights and seek a fair and sustainable solution, whether that happens in negotiations or in probate court.

Working with an experienced probate attorney can help ease the burden and let you focus on healing. To schedule a free initial consultation with William Witcher, please call The Witcher Law Firm‘s Decatur office at 470-868-6325.